Instructions & FAQ


What is the ATSK's Status with the FDA?

Strand Industries, LLC, the parent company to the Supearior ATSK, is an FDA Registered Medical Device Facility (Operator # 10073645). The ATSK has been submitted to the FDA under Listing Number D401542.

Is it HIPAA compliant?

The ATSK has not been validated against HIPAA. The Personally Identifiable information is Guests: Picture (if enabled) + temperature + time. For Recognition mode: Picture + Employee Number + Temperature Reading + Employee Name +Time of entry. The intent of the the ATSK is for building access / security, it’s not intended to be used for patient diagnosis. Similarly, it does not manage or create an EHR System, it only records access granted events, date and time of people with a nominal temperature. The system will not log access events for people who were turned away with an abnormal temperature. Face recognition would recognize known people, but only if they had been setup with an employee ID, name, and photo for face recognition in advance. If there is no face database no name, just an entry time and a temperature. This would be the same amount of information as you would get from a security camera or door access system.

Is it FCC compliant?

Yes, the applicable standard is ANSI C63.4- 2014 (Information Technology Equipment) it has been assigned against CISPR PUB. 222, FCC Part 15 Subpart B and has the FCC mark . TAF testing laboratory 1439. Attestation of conformity available on request.

Is the unit CE approved?

Directive(s) REDS 2014/53/EU , Attestation number 2003118. Applicable standards ETSI EN 300 328 V2.1.1 (2016); EN 62311:2008; ETSI EN 301 489-1 V2.1.1 (2017); ETSI EN 301 489-17 V3.1.1. Attestation of Conformity available on request.

Is there a setting that does not store the temperatures?

Yes; if you do not set up employee profiles, and set stranger record to off, the device will take temperatures, but it will not save them. The system, can also be switched to Attendance Management only where temperatures are not taken at all.


Can I upgrade the User Interface?

Yes! We may intermittently issue updates to our UI. Currently the best way to do this is with a USB drive or transfer over your local network through your own internet browser.

Does the ATSK need any type of maintenance, calibration or software updates?

We designed the ATSK’s UI to work just fine without any updates needed for the foreseeable future. The infrared temperature sensor is calibrated out of the box, but you may need to account for extreme surrounding temperatures by adding or subtracting the temperature reading higher or lower by using the “Compensation Temperature” feature.


Can the ATSK support Wifi?

Yes! We will provide guidance on how to access your wifi of choice from the kiosk.

How about LAN access?

Yep, we’ve got that covered too!

Does the ATSK require the cloud to do face recognition?

No! You can store up to 30,000 faces directly on the device itself and no internet connection is needed.

Does the ATSK require the cloud to access information?

You can access all data from the kiosk directly; information such as Mac address, Recognition Type (Employee VS Stranger), Transit time, etc. can all be accessed via the Pass Records on the device, and can be exported from there as well with the use of a USB Flash Drive. 

Customization of profiles beyond what is available on the kiosk (adding addresses, notes, creating visitors with limited access types) can be done with the Supearior Cloud Subscription Service. For more information, click here.

How do I enter my Wifi password?

Attach a mouse, right click 3 times enter password and it will exit to the Android tablet desktop. Then click settings, network, and join the network.

Is it SIM Card capable – LTE?

With a little creativity by purchasing an external LTE/4G router, you could definitely could make use of a cellular network for internet.

If I have two devices or more devices can faces be shared between devices?

Yes, you can do so via a USB Flash Drive and exporting the data from one server and importing it to the other. This process becomes much more streamlined with our Cloud Subscription Service, as profiles on one device can be remotely shared with another with few clicks of a button.

Can it integrate with my existing system?

While we do have an API available, we recommend checking in with a developer for integration with specific systems. Please contact us for more information.

Cloud Service

How much does the Cloud Subscription Service cost?

Our Cloud Subscription Service costs $49 per month per device. 

** If you choose our annual subscription option, you will save 10% per month!**

How do I connect my kiosk to the server?

Once you've purchased our Cloud Subscription Service, you will be emailed within 24 hours (excluding holidays and weekends). We will provide you with thorough instructions on how to connect your kiosk to your assigned server, so please make sure our emails aren't being blacklist or going to your spam folders On your kiosk: 

a.1) Click the middle mouse button and type in your password when prompted

a.2) Click 'Login Management' 

a.3) Click 'Login' 

a.4) Type in the IP address (not the URL) 

a.5) Click Login 

 And that's it!

Can I get email alerts?

Email alerts are a feature of our Cloud Subscription Service. Once set up, you will be sent an email when a user tries to enter your facility and has an abnormal fever. You can also opt in to receive weekly attendance emails!

Can I see real-time data?

Once the kiosk has been successfully connected to the server, real time data will be available from the main page when logged in.

Can I view data remotely?

All data from the kiosk will sync to your server, thus enabling you to view any and all data remotely. This includes employee profiles, visitor profiles, pass records, device settings, and more!

Can I put multiple kiosks under 1 server?

Yes. Please do note that our subscription service is per device. If you'd like to add multiple kiosks under 1 server, you will need to purchase multiple subscriptions as well. Once you have done so, we will approve your account and you will be able to add the other devices to your server within 24 hours.

Can I set up multiple user logins?

Yes! You can create new roles (to prevent access to administrator settings), and new users as well. Users can update their passwords once they log in.

Can I export data directly from the server?

Once your data has been synced from your kiosk to your server, you will be able to pull data off of it at any time you wish. Just login to your server, select the time range you wish to export data from and voila! The same goes for employee information, visitor information, and more. 

 Exact instructions on how to accomplish this are provided upon purchase.

Is my information secure?

Absolutely! Data is encrypted at rest with the Supearior Cloud Subscription Service. "At rest" encryption means that data that's stored behind the firewall, in our data center, is encrypted and safe. We do not have access to your data; neither does the Cloud Provider. We can help you with an encrypted data backup and restoration if anything happens (using the black box technique).

The key to your data is only in your hands.

How is data encrypted?

We use AWS as our backbone and cloud storage. There is a plethora of information available on the mechanisms of data protection, such as private and public key encryption (which is what we use); for further details and documentation, please refer to this link:

Where is the data hosted?

Our data is hosted in the US with a Cloud Provider (AWS).

How do I cancel my Cloud Subscription Service?

You may cancel your subscription at any time provided that you contact us at least 24 hours before your next billing date. For more information, please review our policies under the section titled 'Digital Goods':

Can I direct end-users to a questionnaire or form?

Absolutely! This is a possibility with our QI Upgrade. You will be able to show your employees, or strangers, a custom QR code that then leads to any form of your choosing.

How does the Questionnaire Integration Upgrade work?

Once you have purchased the QI Upgrade, and have answered the setup email sent to you, a member of the team will reach out to you with your login credentials, server URL, and the upgrade process for your kiosk. 

Once you have taken the necessary steps to upgrade your kiosk, we will ask you for your QR code so we can upload it for you, along with the time span you'd like for the QR code to be visible to end users (between 1 to 10 seconds). If you do not have a QR code, or need assistance setting up a questionnaire, please let us know- the Supearior Team is here for you!


What is the temperature variance?

Readings may vary from ±0.9° F under normal conditions. These devices aren’t intended to be used to make a medical diagnosis, but make an excellent initial screening device.

What is the accuracy of the thermal imaging camera?

The 1:1 comparison recognition rate is more than 99.7%, the 1:N comparison recognition rate is more than 97.7%@0.1% misrecognition rate, and the live detection accuracy rate is 98.3%@0.1% misrejectionrate. The face recognition pass speed is less than 1 second. The device supports accurate face recognition and comparison while wearing a facial covering, or face mask.

What is the distance at which the ATSK can detect a face?

The device has a measuring distance of about 3 feet.


Can I use an ID card to permit users to enter?

ID cards can be held up to the device and used in that manner to permit a user to enter; the living body setting must be turned off, as the system will need to identify the end-user by their picture, not the actual person. Scanning badges, etc. is currently not available. To stay up-to-date with all of Supearior's upgrades, and product features, please subscribe to our newsletter.

Does it save a picture of the employee?

To recognize a face it must, indeed, store the face of the employee. It also will record an image of the employee (or stranger, if stranger record mode is enabled). 

Scan history images will be saved to the CF card on the tablet, and max of 1 GB of scan history data is retained on the CF Card before it is overwritten. Employee images, for the purpose of face recognition, are retained until the employee is removed.

Does the ATSK save pictures of strangers?

By default, this setting is turned off. You can, however, turn this setting on if you wish to save the pictures of non-authorized personnel who are scanned by the Supearior ATSK.

How does the ATSK handle facial recognition?

It stores a photo of the face in a database, after which it then uses Infrared technology to illuminate the face and conduct an analysis on the facial features. In addition to recognizing the features, the system will be able to distinguish between a picture of a person and an actual person- this is called the “living body” setting.

Can I set it so that non-employees cannot enter?

Yes; by setting Stranger Detection to ‘on’, you can have the kiosk turn away/deny entry to those who are not entered in the face database. Please do note that you will need a technician at your site to actually hook this up to your existing door/security system; the kiosk itself comes with relay cables that are compatible with Wiegand Protocol Security systems. For further specifications, please see here: Specifications

Can the ATSK prevent someone from entering a building?

Our kiosk comes with relay cables that will connect to almost any Weigand Security Protocol. Once a person is scanned with a high temperature, it will deny access to the premises. Please check with your technician for connection to your door/gate system.

Can it integrate with my door system?

The software can permit/deny access to visitors as-is. The kiosk itself comes with relay cables that can connect to almost all Wiegand compatible security/gate systems. Once set up, if a person is scanned with a high temperature, it will deny access to the premises. Please check with your technician for assistance in getting this set up to your door/gate system. You may also see here for our device's specifications: Specifications

What do the LED indicator lights do?

The LED light on the head unit lights up green for a person who passes the facial recognition and temperature check. Alternatively, it lights up red for a stranger (if stranger detection is turned on) or high-temperature subject. The LED on the base is not connected to the device, it is just for aesthetics at this time.

Is the ATSK battery operated?

No, the ATSK requires a 110V outlet for it to operate.

Is the ATSK able to record people that are turned away?

Yes, the ATSK can still record people who are turned away, as long as some part of their face is still visible to the camera.

Is the temperature reading displayable on the screen?

Yes, the ATSK displays a temperature reading to the end-user once their temperature is taken. This information is also logged in the Pass Records for an admin to review.

Will it hold multiple profiles per person – beard, glasses, no glasses, etc?

There is currently only one photo per person permitted. However, as long as the changes to the person's visual appearance are not too drastic, the system will still be able to match them up to their employee profile successfully.

Where does the kiosk take the temperature from- the forehead or the tear ducts?

The ATSK first detects the face with face detection then takes an IR temperature reading. The reading will take the warmest temperature on the face be it the center of the head or the tear ducts or otherwise.

Can the kiosk operate in other languages?

The kiosk supports 16 languages including English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Italian, polish, German, Russian, Thai, Spanish, French, Arabic, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Czech and Romanian.


How long does it take to recognize a face?

With a small database, it will take about 1-2 seconds for the system to recognize a face; if you add 1000’s of faces it may take a bit longer.

How many faces can it recognize?

The kiosk itself can store and recognize up to 30,000 faces; this increases with the introduction of the Cloud Subscription Service. For more information on the Cloud, please see here: Cloud Subscription Service

Does facial recognition work with and without masks?

Yes, facial recognition will work with or without a mask. If you decide to purchase the Face Mask Recognition upgrade, you can turn on a mode that will enforce wearing a mask (i.e. medical mask). This enforcement mode is optional.

What is Face Mask Recognition?

Face mask recognition is a premium feature of the ATSK. The face mask enforcement upgrade will enforce the wearing of a mask (i.e. medical mask) for the end-user; if it detects a user not wearing a mask, it will send an audible warning to put one on.

How many ATSK devices will I need?

A single device can scan approximately 10-15 people per minute, assuming social distancing rules are respected. Your needs may vary based on the total number of people you have entering and the rate at which people enter at the facility’s entry points over a given period of time. Higher volumes of people may require 2 or more at each entrance.

Does the kiosk emit radiation/is there a risk of radiation?

Our kiosk is equipped with an Infrared Camera. Infrared cameras, and IF thermometers as a whole, don’t emit radiation into the brain; they sense heat emitted by the body.  


My factory is very hot/cold in the summer, does this impact performance?

While we highly recommend that the ATSK be installed indoors to prevent weather damage, the device can compensate for any outside influences on temperature with its compensation feature, or automatically via the indoor/outdoor settings. This is built into the device and is available free of charge.

What is the compensation feature?

The temperature compensation feature allows the user to increase or decrease the temperature readings on the device by a preset amount to account for surrounding conditions that may influence the readings on the ATSK. For example, if it is a particularly hot day outside and everyone getting scanned has a slightly higher than normal temperature, the admin can adjust the device’s values so that all temperatures taken are reduced by 0-1 degrees Fahrenheit.

What are the indoor/outdoor settings?

The indoor/outdoor settings enable the ATSK to automatically adjust for temperature changes in the environment. For example, when the outdoor environment is selected and the compensation temperature is in automatic mode, the device will automatically calibrate the detection results according to the ambient temperature.

What is the difference between the indoor/outdoor settings and the compensation feature?

We recommend that the compensation feature be used for those keeping their devices indoors, as differences in temperature will most likely be quite small. However, either or can be used.


Can I change the voice prompts or and instructions when access is denied or granted?

With bulk orders over 50 units, we can customize, for free, the messages and prompts. We will need the customer to send the pre-recorded MP3 files of the new voice prompts.

Can I change the text that's shown when an employee is admitted?

Yes. This is possible with the Supearior Cloud Subscription Service, available here:

Can I change the text that's shown when a stranger is detected?

Yes. This is possible with the Supearior Cloud Subscription Service, available here:


Does the ATSK need to be serviced at all?

We recommend the temperature sensor be verified periodically, you can use the offset in the configurations to adjust for any variances. This is more likely if your indoor ambient temperature is near the top or bottom of the operating limits or there are seasonal changes.


Will the ATSK notify a person that has a high temperature?


How will I be notified if someone had a high temperature?

There are three ways you can be notified. Either by an alert (sound and lights), denied access to a door or gate if integrated with a door or gate, or via an email notification. The latter requires a subscription to our Cloud Subscription Service:

Exporting Data

Can you extract/export the information that’s been captured on the unit on a daily basis with the current set up?

Yes, you can either do this manually via a USB Flash Drive or online via our Cloud Subscription Service:

Can I export data from the ATSK if I don’t use the Supearior Cloud?

Yes! You can attach a USB Flash Drive or CF Card via a USB splitter and go into the Pass record menu and click Export; it will then copy export records onto the attached device. You must do this for each unit separately.

What data will be exported?

The following data will be exported onto an XLS sheet:
  • * Mac Address
  • * Device Name
  • * Employee/Staff ID
  • * Employee/Staff Name
  • * Temperature
  • * Transit time
  • * Type (Employee/Guest)
  • * Picture of Guest/Employee (dependant on settings)

Bring Your Own Device

Can I use my own Android Tablet with this device?

The ATSK is a modified Android Tablet equipped with a custom motherboard, LED Lights, infrared camera and scanners etc… It would be extremely difficult to use our software on your personal device given the complexity and unique design of the ATSK. Therefore, this option is not available.


How will my order arrive?

Your purchase will be arriving in two to three separate boxes, one or two for the stand and one for the kiosk itself.
**Please make sure to thoroughly check the tracking information for each individual box when awaiting the arrival of the product.**

How will I get my cloud server information?

Please whitelist; during the checkout process, you will see a link to a questionnaire form. Once your payment has been processed, and you have completed the questionnaire, you will receive an email from the aforementioned address with your server information.

 If you are unable to locate the email, feel free to reach out to us. If you forget to fill out the form, you can find the questions again below.

* How many people do you expect to scan in a day, i.e foot traffic? 

* Will you be setting up employee profiles? If so, how many? 

* If you have purchased more than one subscription, would you like to consolidate all of your information in one server? Or, would you prefer to have separate servers for each kiosk? 

* If you have purchased the QI Upgrade, please send us your QR code/link, along with how long (1-10 seconds) you'd like your QR code to stay on the screen (1-10 seconds).

Help! I still have questions!


Not a problem! Feel free to use the button above to contact us and we'll assist you ASAP.